Darkport Pirates
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The Darkport Pirates : Commodore Blanca Alonzo

When her grandfather had sailed for some mysterious conditions he never come back, years passed and his young granddaughter Blanca was left alone to face the difficulties and the threats that menaced her as a girl among a group of pirates.

It was a challenge, she was scared, alone, and fragile, but she is clever and a survivor by instinct. She started drinking rum and challenging the toughest pirates. She put on her tricorne and acquired a Rank of Commodore; and she built around her a bunch of mighty sailors and pirates to protect her.

Years passed and one day her mother came to the cove asking to meet her father, the moment was tense as Blanca discovered and found her mother that day.

More years passed and the pirates got attached to their commodore now mighty and smart, she showed to the Thassa her strength and she dominated the sea, while her womanly nature of a sweet soft girl was never erased. When she was alone, she was fragile and scared and she needed protection.

In time the pirate cove expanded to a small hidden town on the sea behind the hills of Gimli.

When her grandfather finally came back, Blanca cried tears of happiness and some dark fog was lifted from above her head, he came back to take the lead and would protect her as no one can do.

The pirates were pirates though and the time was messy, with a big part of Blanca's crew rejecting to obey her grandfather. They knew that their protection was in her hands and he would expose them and their treasures to danger, they met Blanca on her ship one dark night and they urged her to not fall under her grandfather's commands.

Blanca Felt confusion and sadness, from one hand her grandfather was for her an idol, but the reality was, he came back after years and he was so different that he would not be able lead the pirates she had gathered and who were loyal to her.

After many nights of reflections and deep thinking, Blanca decided to get the pirates on her ship and hide it in Gimli, there was formed her group called Darkport, her grandfather was left without strong men around him and he was attacked and forced out of the village.

Blanca stayed in Gimli for a while then decided to move south to seek warmth and good forests so the pirates could build a fleet from the forest trees.

They found a nice beach spot on the coastline of Mirkwood Forest, the darkest area in the Norther Forests. and there she built a small den with her bunch of pirates, spreading fear and pillaging whenever they wish. The dark port base has grown and they've established lines of illegal successful trades with major cities as they smuggle their Paga on all the planet from the northern islands to the most southern deserts.

If you come to trade and get drunk those pirates will be nice to you, but they might be one hell of a nightmare if you mess with them.

Welcome to the home of the Darkport Pirates!

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